Monday, February 01, 2010

Acrylic Paint for nails must have

I finally got my set for my nail art using acrylic paint. My only reason was because acrylic has some advantages that nail polishes doesn't have. It's thin enough to draw certain artwork you desire. Acrylic paint can be wash off with water as well, so if I ever make a mistake I don't have to destroy the layers of my nail polish and redo the whole nail, and I can clean my brushes with water without harming it with acetone.

I bought this set from a site, mynailproduct, for $6. This is consider cheap bc the cheapest I can find on e-bay was $1 plus shipping of $20, while this one cost roughly $8 for shipping. That's pretty lame wasn't it?
I admit this set is small but it's not it will last a long time consider it's not going to be paint on a paper. The canvas will be my nails. I have my doubts about the white won't last long since I will do a lot of mixing to obtain pastel colors. Lol
So there will be a future purchase of white paint.
The paints are actually for regular art usage but it works well on nails as long you apply top coat on.

I'll give you a little tour what I bought just for the acrylic nail art, but first let's take a peek inside the acrylic paint. It comes in 12 different colors but it's missing purple. A purple missing isn't a big deal since you can mix red and blue to get the color. This is what I like about acrylic paint. It's every flexible, not saying nail polish isn't, but it's a lot cleaner to mix.

Here is an up close of the paint:

I also bought a brush set for about $4 I believe. It comes in 3 different sizes. From my experience with nail brushes, the sizes are #1, #2 and #3. They're very thin but it's perfect for drawing precise details. Not only that, it has this zebra prints on them as well. It's just very cute overall and portable due to it's length.

This one is a brush cup that you can leave your brush in for cleaning. I've decided it's good to have because it's convenient just adding water inside and rinse the brush from there.

If you can see inside the cup, there's these things that sticks out around the opening. These thing holds the brushes in one place so it won't wonder off deep into the cup.


Last but not least, a paint palette. Isn't this color cute? It's pretty cheap and it cost me about $2. This palette has a lot of compartment so I won't have to worry about having paint colliding one another.

That's all for today. I think I am satisfied with my purchase.

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