Monday, January 18, 2010

It's time to oraganize

As my interest in Nail Art increase, I suddenly realized I need to organize the items; Lately, I have been purchasing polishes and nail art supplies to feed my new urge and hobby. I have a few complaints from my parents and Allen that my room is messy and it was all due to the mirror drawer where I put the nail junkies. Haha, although it may be messy I am happy the fact it's a sign my collection is getting bigger and where I wanted.

Then one day I went online for a search hunt to find the prefect small drawers for my junkie. Let me tell you, shopping for a perfect drawer wasn't easy. I found one I wanted, Rubbermaid's mini drawer, but guess what? It was discontinued. I found a few site that have the items but they're actually out of it when they still claim it's in stock on the website. It was a hassle because I would put in the order and about 1-2 days later there were no progress and I had to call in to see. Turns out that the item is no longer existed in their inventory. I tried couple of websites and the issue reoccurred.

So... I went to the supplies store, and out of luck I found the same exact drawer, but only more cheaper!!! I was so happy because it was the last one ^_^
I got home, and reorganize everything. haha
Now my junkie looks like this:

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