Sunday, January 10, 2010

Acrylic Art is Hard

Today was a slow day so I decided to put my desire for art to the test with acrylic art for nails. I found out it's actually harder then I thought. Lol, the blops on the fake nails are actually my poor attempt to making a flower. I tried making it into a leaf clover shaped petal. The idea didn't belong to me but belong to a video I found on youtube.I kept on trying but realize why is my powder purple instead of white, which it was when I first got it. I guess I have to re-buy the liquid and practice again because it must have expired and must be the reason for it's different property.

What I got to say, I had fun trying to free-hand the acrylic art, known as 3d art.
They have the mold for it where u just fill in and wait for it to dry, but I think if I can freestyle, it would be more rewarding. Not only that, I can do a tutorial for friends and subscriber on youtube.

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