Monday, January 18, 2010

It's time to oraganize

As my interest in Nail Art increase, I suddenly realized I need to organize the items; Lately, I have been purchasing polishes and nail art supplies to feed my new urge and hobby. I have a few complaints from my parents and Allen that my room is messy and it was all due to the mirror drawer where I put the nail junkies. Haha, although it may be messy I am happy the fact it's a sign my collection is getting bigger and where I wanted.

Then one day I went online for a search hunt to find the prefect small drawers for my junkie. Let me tell you, shopping for a perfect drawer wasn't easy. I found one I wanted, Rubbermaid's mini drawer, but guess what? It was discontinued. I found a few site that have the items but they're actually out of it when they still claim it's in stock on the website. It was a hassle because I would put in the order and about 1-2 days later there were no progress and I had to call in to see. Turns out that the item is no longer existed in their inventory. I tried couple of websites and the issue reoccurred.

So... I went to the supplies store, and out of luck I found the same exact drawer, but only more cheaper!!! I was so happy because it was the last one ^_^
I got home, and reorganize everything. haha
Now my junkie looks like this:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A slow tiring day~

There isn't much on a cloudy gloomy day. It's just the usual staying home thinking of how should I design my nails. I was thinking I should do another favorite drink inspired nails after I did my Starbucks frappuccino.
Somehow, dazing off, my first thought was Ramune. It's a Japanese soft drink which stands for Lemonade in Japanese syllables (Ramu = Lemo, Ne = Nade). Pretty nifty isn't it? It taste similiar to sprite but it has a distinguish taste I can't explain. It's different from any other soft drinks because it comes in a glass bottle without a cap. You're wondering how can it be sold if it's open? It's not what you think. The bottle is locked up by a glass marble inside and you have to open it by popping the glass marble down. Yeah~ You're basically drinking the bottle with the marble floating inside ^^

Nowadays you can find this drink at the nearest Asian market in different flavor as well to fit your preference. The inspire I am planning to do is the original flavor.
The nail you see next to it is something I'm doing for the plaid nails tutorial but it won't be for until maybe 2 weeks. I'm trying to find the right colors so that it all look well together. You can't go wrong with plaid.

My Minnie Mouse Lesson to be learn

Gotten the hearts of some people, it made me want to create more designs for the nail tutorial. I filmed my current nail tutorial on the inspiration of Minnie Mouse. I thought it was going to be done in a flash but I encountered a problem. The drawing of the mouse head was very hard. I don't know what to say but it was a pain in the ass. lol
I think the difficult part was drawing the circle perfectly. Each time I messed up, I had to remove everything including the red paint and start over for the ring finger (where the mouse head was). This experience taught me I had to buy kind of polish so that if I ever mess up, I can erase the ugly black circle out without stripping my nail polish. I've seen nail tutorials which people use Acrylic paint.

I searched online about it and thinking of purchasing a Japanese brand, called Nelpara for about $20 bucks. It
comes with a smear-proof palette with a drawing brush. Not bad eh? This will last me more than 3 years, so it's a good investment.

Now the problem is the shipping cost. I don't know about you, but whenever I see something nice or a good deal, the shipping cost just defeat the idea of purchasing it.
For now, I guess I can think about it or just go to Michael's.

This is a picture of how the Minnie Mouse nails looks like. I just finished putting everything together in the video editor software. Tomorrow I'm planning to correct any faults and convert it. It should be ready to upload on youtube. If you're curious, you can check it up @ /CheriiLuv

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Acrylic Art is Hard

Today was a slow day so I decided to put my desire for art to the test with acrylic art for nails. I found out it's actually harder then I thought. Lol, the blops on the fake nails are actually my poor attempt to making a flower. I tried making it into a leaf clover shaped petal. The idea didn't belong to me but belong to a video I found on youtube.I kept on trying but realize why is my powder purple instead of white, which it was when I first got it. I guess I have to re-buy the liquid and practice again because it must have expired and must be the reason for it's different property.

What I got to say, I had fun trying to free-hand the acrylic art, known as 3d art.
They have the mold for it where u just fill in and wait for it to dry, but I think if I can freestyle, it would be more rewarding. Not only that, I can do a tutorial for friends and subscriber on youtube.