Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A slow tiring day~

There isn't much on a cloudy gloomy day. It's just the usual staying home thinking of how should I design my nails. I was thinking I should do another favorite drink inspired nails after I did my Starbucks frappuccino.
Somehow, dazing off, my first thought was Ramune. It's a Japanese soft drink which stands for Lemonade in Japanese syllables (Ramu = Lemo, Ne = Nade). Pretty nifty isn't it? It taste similiar to sprite but it has a distinguish taste I can't explain. It's different from any other soft drinks because it comes in a glass bottle without a cap. You're wondering how can it be sold if it's open? It's not what you think. The bottle is locked up by a glass marble inside and you have to open it by popping the glass marble down. Yeah~ You're basically drinking the bottle with the marble floating inside ^^

Nowadays you can find this drink at the nearest Asian market in different flavor as well to fit your preference. The inspire I am planning to do is the original flavor.
The nail you see next to it is something I'm doing for the plaid nails tutorial but it won't be for until maybe 2 weeks. I'm trying to find the right colors so that it all look well together. You can't go wrong with plaid.

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